Project planification and equipment acquisition

Got IT projects ? We help you plan them from end to end so you can focus on what really counts.

Do you have any upgrade or virtualization projects or a new system to implement?

Time is of the essence and you’re looking for peace of mind. You have more important things to do than worry about your computer network, however, it is a critical factor in your business and needs attention to ensure that its execution is predictable, optimal and safe. Our managed services are the ideal solution for an organization like yours that demands maximum quality service and network reliability.

Goals definition

Design of the technological architecture according to your needs

The acquisition of the necessary equipment at the best prices in the industry, from renowned and efficient brands

Hardware and software reception

Deployment, installation, configuration

Data transfer

Documentation of your infrastructures

Our role

Ensure the smooth running of the project

Our role as manager is to ensure the planning and smooth running of IT projects. Our senior managers ensure that your projects meet the optimal quality of material for your needs, the allocated budget and that it will be implemented on time.

All of our interventions are carried out respecting the highest quality standards and best practices. We make sure that all the stakeholders you will be dealing with understand this principle and that they have the tools to be able to deliver a quality service. 6tem TI has set up from the very beginning of its existence a quality system allowing it to constantly improve and thus always offer you the best services on the market.

Here are some examples of IT projects

IT parks upgrades

Establishment of new infrastructures

Virtualization (Cloud)

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