Data Backup Strategy

You don’t have a backup copy…

Contact us now you’re at risk!

You already have a data backup strategy…

Test it!

Your backup solution should help you easily recover your data on demand.

If that fails, your current backup strategy is not preventing data loss. You’re also at risk!

Windows Server 2003 End of Support

Support for Windows 2003 ended in July. This is a serious issue because security risks have significantly changed over time since OS's launch. It's worth taking note that a single workstation or a vulnerable server opens the door to your company’s entire network, and that your anti-virus software will fail to protect you against all forms of malicious attacks.


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Office 365

Office 365 is highly recommended. For features and benefits, reliability, security, free upgrades, etc., please read the document attached hereto.

Many of our partners are already using it!

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Monitoring Systems

Monitoring system migration to higher performance servers



Nowadays, a lot of IT problems may be detected even before they occur. Good IT management using telemonitoring tools will enable you to take action before there’s an issue!



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